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I am a versatile strategic engineer with a proven track record for innovative design and leadership. I am adept at producing creative solutions to address software development and technology integration issues

My experience and expertise includes network, system architecture, and software development for UAV's (drones), iOS, Android, IPTV, wireless and broadband networks, radio access networks, network security engineering and web software applications. I am a self-motivated, self-managed technology professional who produces outstanding results both as an individual and as a leader.

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My time at AT&T Labs was spent focusing on all aspects of IPTV. From designing and implementing the network that determined the class of bandwidth for each packet that entered a home, backend databases, design of next generation user interfaces for the Guide, to experimental 2nd screen applications and interfaces that enabled both users and content providers the ability to have an enhanced experience while providing a monetization channel for the business and 3rd party developers through the release of a mobile SDK.

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Since joining the AT&T Foundry, I've spent the last 2 years working with UAS (drones) to enable beyond visual line of sight operations. I have learned a great deal working with industry leaders, government officials, policy & public affairs, and fellow researchers to gather requirements for the communications platform to support this nascent industry. After developing an initial prototype, I then led a cross functional team spanning from radio and network engineering to corporate strategy to business development that built out the UAS category, poising AT&T to be the leader in communications for the drone industry.

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Blog Post: Video LTE Connected Drones

When it comes to commercial drones, beyond visual line of sight is where things get really interesting. As battery life, rotor and airframe design, and autonomous flight algorithms improve, the ability to...

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I studied Philosophy at University, focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Logic. While there, I worked at the student radio station, WVGS, as a DJ and later the station's engineer. We were given a website to do whatever we wanted. After spending most nights in the computer lab on the ISCA BBS, this was amazing! This early exposure to the internet fueled my desire to create ways for people to connect and share information.


Georgia Southern University
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Philosophy 1993 – 1997

Sales Engineering
Wireless Technologies
Technology Management
Design & Implmentation
Complex Large-Scale Systems
Technical Architecture


  • Speaking at Women of AT&T events has been an amazing experience. My favorite by far has been the Girls In Future Technology (GIFT) event. Getting an auditorium full of Girl Scouts excited about drones and connected cars was inspiring.
  • Volunteering at and serving on the Board of Directors at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center has truly been an honor. Their mission of improving the lives of all LGBT people in SF is a bold one, and one that I support with all my ability.
  • Working with LEAGUE@AT&T has been a great way to "pay it forward", letting the next generation of technology workers know it is ok to be out in the workplace. Joining LEAGUE and having the support of my coworkers and leadership has been a life and career changing decision. The people I have met volunteering with LEAGUE have become lifelong friends.

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Board of Directors
SF LGBT Community Center