Resume Creation

My resume started with an idea of creating it into a story, of visually showing my path where the reader can see and follow my carrer. Where I started, the things I was doing in a stylistic and intresting way, as shown below is the general progression of how things became.

My inspiration was to create a flat minimal design, I started this way but after a while this was shown to not space out evenly or show enough detail. So I switched the style to isometric 3D perspective inspired by Jing Zhang and her minamlistic design. When starting to try making everything minimal although at the start went well, the abundant amount of detail I wished to include overwhemlmed and instead it turned into a fullpage design. The final Base I find works so well in converying my story, but to make sure you understand all the details without thorough searching ill have to tell you

My story starts at the bottom right, where from the camera you pass the forest and mountains, a plant nursery and you follow the train which contains plants which you can see behind the job description in the full brochure. This region is the nursery region and once through this region you enter into the cloud on which the plants are converted into RG-45 heads, this region is the cloud and networking as the RG-45 go down through the paths into a server, laptop and phone. When they have gone through the devices they come out the other end as closed box's, these box's are put onto palletes with fork lifts than are lifted up by the crane and placed onto the red conveyor belt and security region. This belt feeds into a x-ray scanner where they come out the other side opened, going past the jail with virus and horses and passing the firewall. Over the brige past the calculations and into a ski lift

This ski lift goes high into the mountains and past the river into the encryption region, where they are closed back up but have snow formation on the top due to the cold. Through the conveyor belt and falling into a shredder where they are torn apart and are collected, formed back into place, than converted into Salt shaker with hasbrowns. On the road they go into the Car region where they enter into the Mechanics. This mechanics turns those into connected smart cars past the drive-in projected Iphone cinema. These cars follow over the brige and into the Logistics division where the enviroment is made for green energy, smart city and logicsts. On the right is the smart city, where sky rises stand tall. But on the left if the destination where the rocket sits ready to launch into new horizons to a larger and better future